Ways to Prevent a Relapse — Handle Addiction Relapse

Ways to Prevent a Relapse

Addiction relapse: Many feels discouraged when they have a relapse. But the key thing is to pick yourself up and continue forward. Although easier said than done, here are some ways to prevent a relapse.

  • Mentality check. Be a fighter. Say to yourself you can do it.
  • Make your health a priority.
  • Be patient. Know the discomfort of withdrawals are normal. It will take time to heal.
  • Avoid places and people that you associate your addiction with.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Be proactive. Learn something new. Keep yourself busy. Pick a hobby.
  • Learn Yoga and Meditation (free lessons)

If you experience a relapse, try not to be so depressed. Move forward and continue your journey to your recovery.

Addiction Relapse

Addiction RelapseOne of the reasons of drug use is depression. Try to point the reason of your depression and work in that area. Ask for advice and support from a health adviser. On the other hand, continuous use of a substance can also cause depression. So whichever way it is, addiction and depression is found to go hand-in-hand and needs to be addressed.

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Overcoming addiction requires persistence and effort. Don’t get discouraged when you have a relapse. We all have slips in life not only in dealing with addiction so just continue and push forward.

According to research, it takes two to three slips before one can be confident in handling his addiction. So no matter how difficult it is at first, know that that is normal and will get easier as time passes. Addiction relapse is part of recovery.

Overcoming addiction may be challenging but it is doable. The most important thing is your strength to make it happen. So don’t be disappointed if you experience a relapse. Focus on your recovery and look forward to the life that you want.

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